Environmental Services

Desktop Surveys

Reviewing published literature on topics related to ecosystems and species information.
Identify, compare and review current environmental legislations, regulations and policies effecting developments.

Baseline and Ecological Surveys

Marine, estuarine and freshwater fauna and flora.
Terrestrial fauna and flora.
Habitat assessments.

Water Quality and Environmental Health Monitoring

Aquatic parameters tested using a multiprobe instrument in the field.
Biological indicator species collected using a variety of sampling devices.
Sediments and water sampled to assess a variety of toxins.

Pest and Invasive Species Surveys

Mosquitoes and biting midges.
Ballast water.
Boat hull and pylone scrapings.

Species Surveys

Threatened and endangered.
Amphibians and reptiles.
Fish and ichthyoplankton.
Phytoplankton, Microalgae and Macroalgae.